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over 3 years ago

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)


Quote to Think About

Science Fair

over 3 years ago

For help with conversions and tutorials for Microsoft programs
For a guide to Science Fair Project:
The project is an estimate of what will be covered when and where, Days do not indicate consecutive days.


over 3 years ago

All movie's were written, directed, filmed and edited by the students. These projects were a long process that involved everything from  the writing process to technology and everything in between. The students had to all work together doing their part to make this whole thing work. It was a joy to see it in action.  It was even better to see the final product and the expressions of accomplishment that they showed. It always amazes me how much can be accomplished by 12 year olds if given the opportunity.

Nerd's Miracle 2012

Detective Bernard 2011

Pies of Immortality 2010 (the guinea pigs)

Rock Song 6th Grade- Lauren & Morgan

Homework Policy

over 3 years ago

Homework/ Classwork Policy- Grading

All assignments are due the day that is posted. No exceptions. Unless absent.

All homework assignments count as part of the final grade. Homework/ classwork accounts for 1/3 of the students final quarter grade. Homework counts as 15%. Classwork counts as 15%.

Homework will be graded by a 0-2 (0 being incomplete and 1 being half credit and 2 being full credit). You can keep track of your child's homework by utilizing the parent portal.

There will be a weekly online assignment (USA Test Prep) that your child must complete, unless otherwise noted in class. This counts as part of the homework grade.

Classwork will be graded by 1- labs/projects done in class, 2- notebook quiz at the end of the quarter, 3- daily behavior/student responsibilities grade. You can also keep track of this through the parent portal.

Some homework assignments are graded quizzes, or take home quizzes, (students will be aware if this is the case). If a student fails to bring in this assignment it will result in a quiz grade of 0%. There will be a 5 point deduction for each day the quiz is handed in late. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Tests will be 40% of the final grade and Quizzes will be 30% of the final grade.

It is my intention to raise awareness of individual responsibility, for every action has a consequence. My homework page will always be up to date. Tests and quizzes will also be posted. Please check frequently so you can keep pace with what your child is learning in Science.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via email, or by calling.


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Science Curriculum Map

over 3 years ago

This is what we will be covering (by quarter) throughout the school year.


1st quarter

   Earths Interior

   Developing good scientific questions to investigate (step one final science project)


2nd quarter

   Rocks and Minerals

   Researching a topic to develop a hypothesis (step two final science project)


3rd quarter

   Weather and the Atmosphere

   Developing a relevant experiment to test our hypothesis (step three final science project


4th quarter

Space and Technology

   Using the data collected from our experiments to compare and analyze information to write a conclusion paper (fourth step final science project)

   Using the scientific method to develop a final presentation describing and analyzing the year long Science project. (Final step in Science Project)


Class Cash Winners

over 3 years ago

Leah S. / Stephanie E.


Kassidy L./ Ethan C./ Cassy D.2010-2011

2011-2012 Noah B,
2013-2014  Dylan H, Jaquelyn S, Madison P 
2014-2015  Emma B, Skylar B, 
2015-2016  Gia M, Brianna Z,
Online Book