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About Valley View Middle School

General Information

Valley View Middle School
1 Columbus Dr
Archbald, PA 18403
(570) 876-6461


The Valley View Middle School is located at One Columbus Drive in Archbald,Pennsylvania. Our three grades (6-8) are each treated as a small school within the larger building and includes separate lunch times, classes, etc.


6th Grade
Our 6th graders retain some of the closeness of an elementary setting and dependency while being exposed to a larger variety of teachers, instructional methods, exploratory courses, etc.


7th Grade
Our 7th graders are led to independence by separate subject certified instructors, and a home based teacher/parent/friend as a home room advisor. They have the opportunity to take exploratory courses that will help them to make a better choice of courses and careers in high school and beyond, with technology being incorporated.


8th Grade
Our 8th graders are further prepared for the transition to high school independence. They have to budget their time because there is very little free time in their daily schedules. Those that qualify through testing will be allowed to take French/Spanish and/or Algebra.


Concerned People in a Concerted Effort

The entire staff including the administration, teachers, secretaries, maintenance, and cafeteria staff all have the childrens' best interest at heart.


A student assistance team is composed of faculty trained in SAP, to actively assist students in potentially dangerous situations.


Our staff is attempting to build self-esteem in each of our students through human development activities, quarter classes, awards and recognition assemblies, and several age appropriate outside assembly groups sponsored by the school district or the PTA. We are also making available to our students a peer tutoring group for those students that require it.


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