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3 months ago

Week of november 18, 2019

Monday:  Finishing Chapter 3

Tuesday: Study Guide

Wednesday: Study Guide answers (TEST Monday, November 25th)

Thursday:  Kahoot

Friday: Current Events

Current Event Criteria and Rubric

about 1 year ago


  • Must be completed in Google Slides

  • First page is your title page. The title page should contain your name, the date, and the teacher name.

  • Presentation must be 1.5 to 3 minutes in length

  • Must contain one local, one national, one international current event, one other news story that can pertain to science, entertainment, business, or an “odd” occurrence. At the top of the slide you must indicate what type of current event (example:  Local Current Event)

  • Each slide must contain a photo and/or video relating to each current event

  • Each slide should contain a minimum of 3 bullets.  Summarize each current event. No copy and pasting. No paragraph form.

  • Current event must have occurred within the past 48 hours

  • You can use the newspaper (local –, or national:,,,,,,,,) or any other reputable news outlet. Other resources are below.

  • References need to be cited.  You should have a total of four references. One for each event. References can be duplicated.

  • Double check your spelling and grammar

  • There should be a total of at least six (6) slides: title, local current event, national current event, international current event, other current event, and references.

  • Must be ready to present on the day presentation is due. At the beginning of each quarter, you will be given your due dates. If you are absent on the day it is due, you will present the FIRST day you are back in class.

Name:   _________________________________       Date:  _______________________


Title Page              (5 points)

Missing name (-1)

Missing date  (-1)

Missing teacher name  (-1)

Contains no Title Page   (-5)

Local Current Event                 (20 points)

No local current event (-20)

Title on top of slide was omitted (-5)

No photo or video or current event did not occur within 48 hours (-5)

Does not include 3 bullets or was in paragraph form       (-5)

National Current Event                 (20 points)

No national current event  (-20)

Title on top of slide was omitted (-5)

No photo or video  or current event did not occur within 48 hours (-5)

Does not include 3 bullets or was in paragraph form       (-5)

International Current Event    (20 points)

No international current event (-20)

Title on top of slide was omitted (-5)

No photo or video  or current event did not occur within 48 hours  (-5)

Does not include 3 bullets or was in paragraph form       (-5)

Other Current Event                 (20 points)

No other current event (-20)

Title on top of slide was omitted (-5)

No photo or video  or current event did not occur within 48 hours  (-5)

Does not include 3 bullets or was in paragraph form       (-5)

References Cited (5 points)

3 references cited  (-2)

2 references cited  (-3)

1 references cited  (-4)

0 references cited      (- 5)


Spelling               (5 points)

1 grammar/ spelling error       (-1)

2 grammar/ spelling errors      (-2)

3 grammar/ spelling errors                  (-3)

4 or more grammar/ spelling errors         (-4)

Presentation with within 1.5 to 3 minutes (5 points)

Presentation was less than 1.5 minutes (-5)

Grade:  ________________


about 1 year ago

Mrs. Legg’s


Students are required to follow all rules and regulations as specified in the student agenda/handbook.  In addition . . .

Rules for Classroom Conduct:

1.  Students must sit in assigned seats.  Please do not ask to have your seat reassigned unless you have a legitimate reason.  Remain in your seat at all times unless otherwise given permission by me to move.  You will not be dismissed from the class at the end of the period if there is paper and/or garbage left on the floor.

2.  Absolutely no cursing or vulgar language will be allowed in class.  Respect for the rights of others and the teacher is demanded.  No one will be permitted to degrade or harass another student. 

3. There will be no throwing of objects allowed.  No destructive or disrespectful behavior will be tolerated.  Do not touch the person or belongings of another student.  No student has the right to interfere with the education of his or her fellow students.

4. No one will be allowed to go to the lavatory during the time they are working on a test or a quiz, you may go before or after you are finished taking the quiz/test.

5.  Students must be on time for class.  Students late for class will be subject to the school tardy policy.   

6.  Always be prepared for class.  Bring with you your textbook, notebook, folder, and a writing utensil every day.  Your textbook requires a book cover.  Do not write in your textbook.  Return your textbook at the end of the school year in the condition it was given to you.

7.  It is imperative that you raise your hand in this class to be heard or if you have any questions.    

8.  All assignments must be turned in on time.  All assignments must be legible in order to receive credit.  Your homework assignments will not be returned to you.  Do not ask to go to your locker for forgotten assignments.  Do not ask if you can show your work later in the day.  It is your responsibility to remember to bring your assignments to class.  Assignments missed due to absences must be handed in the following day.  Incomplete assignments may be handed in for they will be given partial credit.  You will not be permitted to complete work in this class for any other class unless it is at the end of class and I have granted permission.

9.  Cheating will result in a zero for the quiz, test, or assignment.  Cheating will include the copying of answers for tests, quizzes, or any assignments.  The copying of any assignment from another student will not only result in a zero for the cheater, but also for the student who actively allowed another to cheat off them.  Cheating will also include talking while taking a quiz or test.  Regardless of what the conversation is about, no talking is allowed.  PLAGIARISM is also cheating and will be discussed in more detail when projects and essays are assigned.

10.  Listen to directions, and absolutely no talking when I am talking.  Respect your fellow classmates.  Do not criticize anyone’s ideas or thoughts, no matter what.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

11.  Violations of the classroom could possibly warrant an office referral depending on the severity of the infraction.  Severe or repeated classroom disruptions and violations may also result in an office referral and also parental notification.


NOTE:  Your assignments for this class will be posted at:

             Google Classroom or



6 months ago

Grading Policy 2019-2020

Mrs. Legg’s Civics Class


Homework Assignments  = Fifteen Percent (15%) of Quarter Average. 

Quizzes =  Twenty Five Percent (25%) of Quarter Average

Classwork = Fifteen Percent (15%) of Quarter Average

Class Grade/Participation  = Ten Percent (10%) of Quarter Average

Tests/Essays/Google Slide Presentations =  Thirty Five Percent (35%) of                   Quarter  Average



          Homework will be collected at the beginning of the class on the day it is due.  For every missed homework you will be given a zero. It cannot be handed in later in class or later in the day. Homework from the textbook must be in complete sentences and labeled by page number and question number.  Missing homework cannot be made up unless due to absence. When you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what work you missed by going to the homework website or by asking me. Any late homework due to an absence must be turned in the following day. 


          Quizzes will usually be announced.  Study material for each quiz will be given to students in advance.  You are responsible to take the quiz on the day it is given unless you are absent that day or the day before.  You are then responsible to take the quiz the following day. 


           Every week during each quarter, students will be responsible for presenting a current events slide show to their class. You will have a sign up sheet with the date that the current events presentation is due. A rubric and additional information will be given in class. No late presentations will be accepted. Late presentations will result in a zero. This assignment will be graded as classwork. Other classwork will include in class projects and worksheets.

Google Slide Presentation:

            Each student is required to complete at least one Google Slide project during the school year.  A handout will be given to you with a guideline that includes directions on how the project must be completed and a rubric on how the project will be graded. The Google Slide presentation must be handed in on the day it is due - no exceptions! 


            You may be required to complete an essay based on an assigned writing prompt sheet and writing assessment rubric you will be given in class. Your essay must be handed in on the day it is due unless you are absent.  Anyone absent the day the essay is due will be responsible to hand it in the following day. No late essays will be accepted. This assignment will incorporate usage of the library and computers.  All essays must be typed. You will have class time to type your essay.

 Class Grade/Participation/Preparation:

            You will be given a class grade each quarter in this course. The class grade will reflect participation in class and absences. Your class grade will also reflect your preparedness for class. Calculation of the class grade will be at the discretion of the teacher.


            Study guides will usually be given in advance of tests. If you are absent the day we complete the study guide, you are responsible to make up that work the following day. You are responsible to take the test on the day it is given unless you are absent, then you will take the test the first day you are back. 


All grades stand, the lowest grade will not be dropped!! 

No extra credit!!! 

Note:  Adjustments may need to be made to this Grading Policy as deemed necessary by the teacher due to various circumstances.