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2020 Reading Competition Announcements

about 1 year ago

Informational Reading Team Meeting

There will be an informational meeting on Tuesday, September 10th in Miss Berta's room (A117) until 3:15.  This is a very important meeting, so please do your best to attend:

We will be discussing:
-  general information
-  teams
-  books
-  Reading Competition in the Spring
-  Remind App/Google Classroom info
-  parent information sheet

If you cannot attend the meeting, please let me know and review the Informational PowerPoint at your leisure, which is located on this page.

Informational PowerPoint

about 1 year ago

2020 Middle School Book List

about 1 year ago

Plot Diagram

over 3 years ago

You need to remember all the important details from the books you read.  I suggest taking notes or using some sort of graphic organizer to help you remember all the important information.

Here is a plot diagram you can fill out as you read your books.  If you cannot print at home, I can give you as many copies as you need.

NEIU Website

about 1 year ago

Here is the link to the NEIU's web page where you can find information about the Reading Competition:

Remind App!

over 3 years ago

Having trouble remembering important

dates and information for the Reading 

Competition?  Sign up for Remind!


1.  Open a blank text message

2.  Where it says TO: - type 81010

3.  In the body of the text - type      

4.  Hit send and follow the direction  

Interlibrary Loan

over 3 years ago

If you are having trouble finding a book, try the interlibrary loan.  It is completely free as long as you have a current library card.


  • Google "Valley Community Library" and click the link.
  • Scroll down to "LIBRARY SERVICES" and click the link for "Interlibrary Loan"
  • Enter: Name, Email, Library Card Number, Book Title, and Author
  • Click the Valley Community Library as the Pick-Up Library  (Located near Blakley Borough Recreational Park, formerly Mellow Park)
  • Click "Submit"


You also can always go to the Valley Community Library and ask them to help you in obtaining a book they do not currently have.  They may be able to get it faster than going through the interlibrary loan.

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