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2020 Reading Competition Announcements

8 days ago

Informational Reading Team Meeting

There will be an informational meeting on Tuesday, September 10th in Miss Berta's room (A117) until 3:15.  This is a very important meeting, so please do your best to attend:

We will be discussing:
-  general information
-  teams
-  books
-  Reading Competition in the Spring
-  Remind App/Google Classroom info
-  parent information sheet

If you cannot attend the meeting, please let me know and review the Informational PowerPoint at your leisure, which is located on this page.

Informational PowerPoint

8 days ago

2020 Middle School Book List

8 days ago

Plot Diagram

over 2 years ago

You need to remember all the important details from the books you read.  I suggest taking notes or using some sort of graphic organizer to help you remember all the important information.

Here is a plot diagram you can fill out as you read your books.  If you cannot print at home, I can give you as many copies as you need.

NEIU Website

10 months ago

Here is the link to the NEIU's web page where you can find information about the Reading Competition:

Remind App!

over 2 years ago

Having trouble remembering important

dates and information for the Reading 

Competition?  Sign up for Remind!


1.  Open a blank text message

2.  Where it says TO: - type 81010

3.  In the body of the text - type      

4.  Hit send and follow the direction  

Interlibrary Loan

over 2 years ago

If you are having trouble finding a book, try the interlibrary loan.  It is completely free as long as you have a current library card.


  • Google "Valley Community Library" and click the link.
  • Scroll down to "LIBRARY SERVICES" and click the link for "Interlibrary Loan"
  • Enter: Name, Email, Library Card Number, Book Title, and Author
  • Click the Valley Community Library as the Pick-Up Library  (Located near Blakley Borough Recreational Park, formerly Mellow Park)
  • Click "Submit"


You also can always go to the Valley Community Library and ask them to help you in obtaining a book they do not currently have.  They may be able to get it faster than going through the interlibrary loan.

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