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Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!!
Welcome to the VVMS!! I'm hoping everyone had a great summer break, and you are all ready to start the next part of your journey through the Valley View School District! Our first week of school is basically reviewing rules, procedures, and gathering information that will be needed throughout the school year.
Students were given a classroom course description to take home and review with their parents, and then are required to get it signed, and returned to me by Friday, 08/30/2019. If there are any questions or concerns, please email me at I'm looking forward another fantastic school year!!
September 3-Plot and Plot Diagram
Today in class students took notes on plot and plot diagram. Students were also asked to read a story titled, A Sewing Sensation, and think about the 5 parts to the plot diagram we discussed in class today. Tomorrow students will work in groups to write out a plot diagram based on A Sewing Sensation.
September 4-WS Story Elements/Plot
Students are required to read and complete the worksheet on Story Elements/Plot. All answer should be written in complete sentence form.
September 5-Describing the Plot/ Lost in Time
Students must read, complete the Close Reading, and answer the questions for the drama, Lost in Time. This assignment can be found in the packet we discussed in class today. Students did have time to work on their homework in class.
September 6-from Black Beauty/Describing Plot
Students were given ample time in class to read from Black Beauty and answer the questions. If they did not finish this assignment is must be completed for homework. Number 4 must be written using the RACE method.
September 10- WS Where is Lady Fish Pants? /Summarizing
Students must complete the WS on Summarizing, Where is Lady Fishpants? Blocks 1, 2, 3 must complete the Close Reading.
September 11-Hero writing assignment
After discussing the events of 9/11 with students and watching a short video, students are required to write about a hero or heroic event that made an impact on their life, Students should write 1-2 paragraphs for this assignment.
September 12-from Brown Girl Dreaming vocabulary and First Read on page 12
Students must define each vocabulary word on page 12, and write the definitions in their notebook. Also, the First Read of the memoir must be completed. This includes doing all of the Close Reads in the margins, as well as Comprehension Check on page 19 (1-4).
September 16-WS Concept Vocabulary and Word Study
Students must complete the worksheet they started in class on Concept Vocabulary and Word Study. Also, a study guide for the, from Brown Girl Dreaming, test was given today in class. The test on the story will be given on Thursday, 9/19.
September 19-Test on from Brown Girl Dreaming
Students will have a test on the story, from Brown Girl Dreaming, on Thursday, 9/19. A study guide to help students prepare for the test was given out in class on Monday, 9/16.