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"For Success, ATTITUDE is as important as ABILITY."

Thank you for using this site, and for taking an interest in your child's education! I am looking forward to another fantastic school year!    

Parents, if you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year, please email me at Email will be the quickest way to contact me, however, if you do not have access to a computer, you can reach me at 570-876-6461 between 2:00pm-2:30pm.  (DUE TO THE VIRTUAL LEARNING PLATFORM, AT THIS TIME, EMAIL WILL BE THE BEST MEANS OF COMMUNICATION. THERE WILL ALSO BE OFFICE HOURS AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT EACH SCHOOL DAY.'

 Google Classroom will be the best way to keep track of all assignments and classroom information.  I understand this is unchartered waters for all of us, but working together, I'm 100% certain that we will have the best year ever! 

Though this site is a good way to keep track of your child's homework and assignments, your child should have a notebook to write all assignments in after each class. These notebooks should be reviewed by parents on a daily basis. Thank you again!

Sixth Grade Reading Syllabus

about 1 year ago

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This syllabus is set up to give you a brief description of what we will be working on throughout your 6th grade school year in my Reading class. Please know that this syllabus may be altered throughout the year. All current and up to date information can be seen on my homework site.   All assignments will be announced as we do them, and will be posted on my homework site.

Throughout the school year, students will be required to have, for all Reading classes, myPerspecitves book,  a  notebook, a folder, and #2 lead pencils.

First Quarter  

myPerspectives Unit 1

Collins Writing Type 1 and TDA

10% Summaries

Second Quarter

myPerspectives Units 2 & 3

Collins Writing Type 1 and TDA

10% Summaries

Third Quarter

myPerspectives Units 3 & 4

Collins Writing Type 1 and TDA

10% Summaries

Begin reading the novel A Wrinkle in Time

Fourth Quarter

myPerspecitves continue with Unit 4 and go to Unit 5, time permitting

Collins Writing Type 1 

10% Summaries

Continue with the novel A Wrinkle in Time 

Final Exam will be cumulative and taken from the skills learned in myPerspectives


* If a student is absent from class, he or she is responsible to make up all missed assignments in a timely manner. Upon return to school, students should ask the teacher what they've missed throughout their absence, and the work should be made up by the next day.  However, if a student is absent for an extended period of time,  extra time will be given to make the work up.  Any work that has been graded and not made up after a student has returned, will result in a zero. *