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Welcome to Mrs. Coulthard’s web page! Please check this site regularly for updated information regarding classwork, homework, tests, and quizzes. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Reading Class

6 months ago

*Students will work on individualized digital computer lessons during this class.  

*Students are working in the SRA Flex Literacy Volume A Interactive Reader.  We complete a lesson each day together and a story each week.  All work is completed in class together.  A weekly grade is given to each student in their interactive reader workbook based on class participation, interactive work, and a critical thinking application worksheet. 

*Please encourage your child to read for 10 -15 minutes each night at home.  

RACE Method (Writing)

over 2 years ago


                                    Writing a GREAT Short Answer Response!

1. Restate the question asked

2. Answer (central idea)

3. Cite evidence from the text

4. Explain and Elaborate on your answer and the evidence

Grading Policy

6 months ago

Reading and English Class:

Assessments: 50%

Classwork: 30%

Homework: 20%

Block 3 -Math Class:

Assessments: 50%

Classwork: 30%

Homework: 20%

**Any homework, study guides, projects, and tests will be posted on google classroom.








































Big Ideas Math Textbook Online

6 months ago

Your math series has various bonus features (student textbook, practice quizzes, flashcards, etc.) that can be easily accessed online.

*If you would like to gain access to our online component, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to

2. Click "New to Big Ideas Math?"

3. Enter the access code:  HG57-7BT5-EMKH and click "NEXT"

4. Enter your information into the fields provided.

5. You will be given a username. Be sure to keep this username in a safe spot. 

Course Syllabus

over 3 years ago

Course Description

6th Grade Math reinforces basic mathematical concepts and introduces skills that are essential for all students.  Concepts, procedures, and vocabulary that students will need in order to be successful in upper-level algebra and geometry courses are introduced and continually practiced.  Students begin with a general review of the four basic operations. They are introduced to exponents, geometric formulas, algebraic concepts, ratios, percentages, and adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing signed numbers.  6th Grade Math students work extensively with fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, and estimating.  Problem solving strategies are also an integral part of the curriculum.

Course Goals

•To prepare students for Seventh Grade Math. 

•For students to demonstrate comprehension and application of the topics contained within this syllabus. 

•To prepare students for the PSSA exam by covering the PA state standards and anchors for mathematics.

Course Topic

·         Numbers and Operations
Proficiency with calculations involving decimals is expected. The concepts of Fractions and Percents are introduced as part of this unit. Students will be introduced to Integers in early spring.

·         Measurement
Measurement units involve formulas, linear, capacity, mass measurements and angles.

·         Geometry
This area of study includes vocabulary and plotting points on the coordinate plane.

·         Algebraic Concepts
A unit on Hands On Equations will be used to assist students with solving equations. Students will be also introduced to solving two-step equations, using the distributive property and will work with inequalities (solving and graphing).

·         Data Analysis and Statistics
These units will include a Statistics project involving surveys, graphs, and analysis using mean, median and mode. Determining the probability of an event and possible combination of events will also be taught.

*The sixth grade math curriculum addresses the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Mathematics Standards and Assessment Anchors for Grade 6.