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using a smart phone
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using a computer
2019-2020 school year


using texting
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You can get live up to date assignments and homework!!!!!

Please ask to join as a parent of log into your child's goggle classroom account.

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ALL Homework is posted on my live APP reminds

ALL SCHOOL HANDOUTS will also be put on this app-

Never feel that you are out of the loop with your new 6th grader.  Please email, or use the app messaging service responses throughout the day and evening hours.

text 81010


 or join the reminds App



This can be on any home computer 

SEE ALL HW and other information on my APP- I have pictures of every handout and worksheet page that I pass out.




Sixth ENGLISH Grade Syllabus

over 3 years ago

Classroom Goals- **These are the topics that will be taught in the 6th grade English classes** 

Students will be taught the following general topics


*   8 parts of Speech

*   Diagram

*   Poetry- writing and interpreting 

*   Response to Novels- the connection between reading and writing

*   Writing Process

*   Vocabulary Enrichment

*   Cold reads containing Parts of Speech

*   Complements

*   Letter Writing

*   Mechanics of writing

*   Figurative Language

*   Non-fiction writing

*   Oral Reports

*   Figurative Writing

*   PSSA prep work 


Daily Needs:

Each student is responsible to bring there Text Book, Workbook, Notebook, English Folder and a pencil. 

It is best to have another writing pen to use for corrections. 



All assignments must be completed on time.

Homework in on the District's Website 

Homework and classwork is very important to the overall grade in this class.

All in class work, must be completed during class time.


English Grading Guideline: 

Out of 100%


Tests                             40%

Quizzes/Projects         30%

Classwork                     15%

Homework                   15%



Mutual respect is need in this classroom. 

As a class student respect each other and students respect others' property.

Students act maturely, in content and discussion.

Students are responsible for their own actions and do not blame others. 

Respect is mandatory toward administration, faculty and staff



It is the STUDENTS- not the teacher's responsibility to

*find out what assignments and or tests, quizzes were missed while out absent.

*find out what homework or missed classwork was assigned while absent

If a Student was absent for 1 day, He/She will have 1 day to make up a test or quiz

                                       2 days                         2 days  

After 2 days absent see teacher on subject content and makeup dates.

Vacations and lengthy absences will be discusses on an individual basis.  


Questions and Comments:

Please call the Middle School/ emails 




over 3 years ago

 Hello, My name is Lori E.Toczydlowski.

There is a lot going on inside of room E-107, our little slice of life.... Please enjoy the    ride! 

Please view my homework page, daily assignments and projects.  Most assignments are posted weekly so that my students can learn to utilize their time wisely. Part of the learning process is to be able to manage time and assignments in preparation for the future. 

Please feel free to call with any questions. 

My planning is daily from 8:49-9:36

If that is not possible please leave a voice message on my extension with any concerns, and I will get back as soon as possible.  Please note that I am not able to speak during classroom time.

What ever it is, if it a concern to you, I want to know. 

I would like to thank you for  being concerned with your child's classroom and for veiwing this page. 

Your interest is greatly appreciated.


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