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over 3 years ago


to the gymnasium

Mrs. Munley 

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Physcial Education

Welcome to Mrs. Munley's  Physical Education class.  Your health is a vital aspect of your life.  I will provide my students with information to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

PE Syllabus

10 months ago

Course Title:  6th, 7th and 8th grade Physical Education


Course Emphasis:  The students will develop and learn a better understanding of the importance of physical activity in their every day life.


Course Objective:  The students will learn the importance of an active lifestyle while developing their skills and physical abilities in various games and activities.  The students will learn the difference between good sportsmanship and unsportsmanlike conduct throughout the year.


Assessments:  Teacher observation, self-check, peer assessment, and oral question and answers.

Grading- 7th/8th grade:  The students will receive 5 points each class period for their grade.  If they are unprepared for class, disrespectful, not trying or inappropriate in any way, they can receive a zero or have points deducted.  The grades are determined by a point system.

                 Example:  If there are 10 classes in the 1st quarter, the total points will be 50.  If a student received 48 points out of 50 their final grade will be 96%.  The students total points earned divided by the total will equal their grade.

Grading- 6th grade:  This will be a pass/fail grade.  Please make every effort to make sure your child is prepared for class.

3 Domains of Learning used for Grading and Assessment:


Affective:  (3 point per class)  Attitude, motivation, willingness to participate, valuing what is being learned, and ultimately incorporating the values of discipline into a way of life. (sportsmanship)


Cognitive:  (1 point per class)  Knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, and evaluation of the activity/sport being taught.


Psychomotor:  (1 points per class)  Performance, accuracy, coordination, formation, kinesthetic movement and physical ability during class.

Each student will receive the following information to bring home:


                                 DRESS CODE FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS


Students must be dressed according to the following code in order to participate in Physical Education class.  If a student is NOT PROPERLY DRESSED, he/she will receive a zero and cannot participate.  The student will be given a written assignment, which must be completed during class.  NO CREDIT will be given for this assignment.  Failure to do the assignment will result in a referral to the office.  These zeros will be included when determining the quarter grade.



All shirts must go below the waist and cover the waste band of the pants.  (t-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts are all acceptable)

Shorts must fall within 4 inches of the knee.  (sweat pants, yoga pants, mesh shorts are all acceptable)

Sneakers must be securely fastened with good support.  (socks are recommended)

Jogging and warm-up suits are acceptable.



Nike Pro shorts or anything similar, short  shorts,  jeans, shorts or pants with zippers or buttons, no suggestive or inappropriate sayings or pictures, crop tops, spaghetti straps, no sandals, shoes, boots, no slip on sneakers or shoes, no belts, Jackets(when inside)