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over 2 years ago

The importance of 
language Learning

                          About 66% of the world's population is at least bilingual 
                                                        (Robert D. Peckham)

     Studying a World Language (foreign language) and other cultures enhances a student's education in many ways. Students who study a second language and its culture have a wonderful basis for successful communication and education.  Research shows that learning a foreign language can improve a student's ability in reading, writing and even mathematics - they are able to perform at a higher level than those who don't study a foreign language (Eaton, 1994).     

  According to a study done by Harris Cooper (Modern Language Journal), in 23 metropolitan high schools in the southeast, it was revealed that students who take a foreign language in high school scored significantly higher on the verbal portion of the SAT than those who do not.

     To study another language and its culture is to gain an especially rich preparation for the future. Second language/cultural learning is an essential factor for life as a citizen in the ever-growing local, national and world communities.  It allows for students to view the world from a global perspective and broaden their horizons.

*Foreign/World Language = a language being studied other than a person's native language*

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about 1 year ago


Beginning Monday, November 5, 2018, all assignments, class work, notes, study guides and test/quiz notifications will be posted on the Google Classroom and not through this forum.

HOMEWORK - October 30 - Google Classroom questions.

Don't forget to get your BLUE PAPER signed and returned by Friday, November 2.

Textbook - Realidades 1

over 2 years ago

Book website

Visit our textbook's website to:
-Study your vocabulary (repaso del capítulo - pdf)

-Practice worksheets (practice activities)

-Play games (puzzles)

-Take a practice test (test preparation)

-Listen to the songs from our chapter (canciones de hip hop)


Helpful Websites

over 2 years ago

These websites can be used and visited when studying/reviewing

Realidades I book:
APP and online resource

Quia games:
click - quia web - Spanish - keyword: any grammar topic

Online Dictionary:

Online flashcards:

Why Study Spanish?:

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Vocabulary and Grammar

over 2 years ago

Los Números

over 2 years ago

Video numbers 0-29

Listen and watch this YouTube video to help you recognize and pronouns the Spanish numbers 0-29

Quia Games - Rags to Riches

 Play Rags to Riches in order to practice your numbers!

Explicación de los números

This website lists the numbers as well as it explains how to form the numbers.

Práctica de los números

This website allows you to click on the number and it says the number for you.  It is a good practice for you.  There are introductions for each set of numbers, games, worksheets and spelling quizzes,


Numbers 0-1000

Listening numbers practice

Listen to the number being said and type your answer in.

Rags to Riches 0-100

Practice numbers 0-100

Numbers 0-1,000,000

Practice numbers 0-1,000,000


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La Hora

over 2 years ago

Telling Time Quiz

Test your telling time skills by taking the practice quiz.

Quia game - Rags to Riches 2

Test your telling time skills playing Rags to Riches on

Quia Games - Quiz

Here is an online game you can use to practice telling time.
Online telling time quiz

Quia Games - Rags to Riches

Here is an online game you can use to practice telling time
Rags to Riches - the more questions you get right, the more "money" you earn!

Explanation video

This is a video that explains how to tell time.

Quia Games - Java Games

Here is an online game you can use to practice telling time.

Included in Java Games -- matching, concentration, flashcards, word search

Telling Time PowerPoint

This is an online PowerPoint to help you better understand how to tell time in Spanish.

Clock Practice

Move the hands on the clock to tell the correct time.


El cuerpo

over 2 years ago

Video 1 - El Cuerpo Señor

Use these videos to help you remember the body parts in Spanish

Video 2 - Baila con tu cuerpo

Use this faster paced video to help you test your knowledge.


Click start and time yourself to see how quickly you could find and click on the correct body part.


Examen #1 Review

over 2 years ago

Book website

Under the "Para Empezar" heading on the book website, click PRACTICE ACTIVITIES.  When the practice activities drop down, you may use Los Números and El Cuerpo to practice and review for your quiz.

Conversations - Hangman

Use this hangman activity to practice your conversation vocabulary,

Quizlet note cards

Here are your vocabulary words online - flip through and test yourself

Quia Game - Challenge Board

Use this challenge board activity (similar to Jeopardy) to review for your quiz.  Test yourself or play with a partner and see how much you know!



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Días, meses, y estaciones (canciones - songs)

over 2 years ago

Días de la semana

Here is a song to help you remember the days of the week.  This is a different song than I use in class, but it's still a good review!

Los meses del año

Here is the months rap that we listened to in's a good review!

Las estaciones

This is the link to the seasons rap song from's on our books website.
Click on Qué tiempo hace? (con letra) link.


Meses, estaciones, tiempo (Games)

over 2 years ago

Quia Games - Rags to Riches (months and seasons)

Practice your months and seasons with Rags to Riches

Quia Games - Hangman

 Practice weather by playing hangman

Quia Games - Java Games

 Practice weather by playing flashcards, concentration, matching, and word search.

Quia Game - Rags to Riches

Quia - Battleship (weather and seasons)

Play Battleship to practice your weather and seasons.


1A - Infinitivos

over 2 years ago

Explain infinitives with examples

Click on the play button (triangle) and read through this infinitives presentation

Gustar/infinitives Quiz

Take this quiz to practice gustar phrases and infinitives


Play hangman to practice spelling your infinitives.

Quia - Challenge Board (jeopardy)

Challenge a classmate to practice your infinitives.

Vocabulary - Quizlet

Practice your vocabulary using Quizlet.  There are a variety of games such as: race, scatter, test, speller and flashcards.


1B - Capitulo

over 2 years ago

Vocabulary video

Watch this video to help review your adjectives and vocabulary!

Agree it!

Watch this video to help you with adjective agreement.

Book website games

Go to Chapter 1B and click on puzzles to play games from Chapter 1B


2A Subject pro 2A Subject pronouns and -AR verbs nouns and -AR verbs

over 2 years ago

Read through this PowerPoint to review subject pronouns and -AR verbs:  Explanation

Read through this PowerPoint to view various examples of subject pronouns and -AR verbs:  Examples


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2A games

over 2 years ago

2A book games

Visit the textbook website and play any of the following games:

Capitulo 2A:


Test preparation

Rags to Riches -AR verbs

Challenge yourself and conjugate the verbs to practice.

Here are a few verbs that we haven't learn yet:

- visitar = to visit

- ayudar = to help

- buscar = to look for

Game Zone Games (-AR)

Rags to Riches - Subject Pronouns

Answer the questions about subject pronouns correctly and see if you can become a fake Spanish "MILLIONAIRE".

Subject Pronouns and -AR verbs

Replace the subject pronouns correctly and conjugate the verbs.

Challenge Board (Jeopardy) - AR verbs

With a partner or alone, play this challenge board game.

Here is a list of the only verbs you DON'T know:

- cocinar = to cook

- caminar = to walk

- saltar = to jump

- comprar = to buy

- mirar la televisión = to watch T.V.

- lavar los platos = to wash dishes

Online Quiz - AR verbs

This is NOT a graded quiz, it is just for you to practice you -AR verb conjugations.

Battleship (quia) - AR verbs

Play this game of battleship to help you practice conjugating -AR verbs


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3A (-AR/-ER/-IR verbs)

over 2 years ago

Quia Games - Rags to Riches

Practice your present tense verbs by playing Rags to Riches!

Game Zone II (-er/-ir)

Practice -ER/-IR verb conjugations


Take the quiz to practice for your quiz / test on all verbs (-AR/-ER/-IR)

Build a Burrito

  Conjugate your verbs correctly to "Build Your Own Burrito"

- Practice the Present tense -ER verbs ONLY or Present tense -AR verbs

Here is a list of the verbs that appear in the game:

* recibir = to receive

* aprender = to learn

* vender = to sell

* vivir = to live

comer = to eat 

abrir = to open

correr = to run 

leer = to read

escribir = to write

Hangman (-ar/-er/-ir)

Play hangman to review verb conjugations.


Use this website to practice conjugating!


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4A - Capítulo

over 2 years ago

Vocabulary Practice II

Practice your vocabulary skills on Quia.

Vocabulary Practice I

 Practice your vocabulary skills on Quia.


4A Ir

over 2 years ago

Ir + a + place

Practice ir + a + place.
tú, tú, tú y tú = vosotros

4A ¿Question Words? games

over 2 years ago

Question Words Rags to Riches

Play this Rags to Riches game to practice your question words.


Which (ones) = ¿cuáles?

Question words flashcards

Test yourself with these online flashcards.

Quia - Battleship

Play battleship to help your with your question words


4A Vamos a Puerto Rico

over 2 years ago

Vamos a Puerto Rico

Web Scavenger Hunt

The following is a fun web scavenger hunt about Puerto Rico:

1.  Download the PowerPoint (below)

2.  Open / print the Web Scavenger Hunt question guide (below)

3.  Have FUN learning and exploring about this magnificent territory of the U.S.!

REMEMBER:  Answer the questions as you read through and visit the websites on the PowerPoint                        

Vamos a Puerto Rico ppt

Web Scavenger Hunt

4B - Capítulo

over 2 years ago

Jugar conjugation game

 First, make sure "JUGAR"  and "ALL PRONOUNS" are selected.

Second, click start and begin conjugating!

Ir + a + infinitivo - Rags to Riches

Play this Quia game to review "IR + A + INFINITIVE"

Repaso del Capítulo 4B - Challenge Board

 Review your 4B skills on Quia by playing this CHALLENGE BOARD activity.

4B Vocabulario

 Play this Quia game to practice VOCABULARY


Play this Quia game to practice the verb JUGAR


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4B Games

over 2 years ago

Vocabulary (matching / concentration)

Vocabulary, jugar, ir + a + infinitive (challenge board - Jeopardy)

Ir + a + infinitive 2 (rags to riches)

Ir + a + infinitive 1 (rags to riches)

Jugar (battleship)

Ir + a + infinitive (battleship)

Jugar and Ir (battleship)


5A Capítulo

over 2 years ago


Play Jeopardy "solo o con tus amigos" to review for your 5A exam


Practice your 5A vocabulary words using these Quizlet flashcards!

El Verbo Tener

Play BATTLESHIP to practice your forms of TENER

Adjectivos Posesivos

Practice your possessive adjectives!


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El Día de los Muertos

over 2 years ago


Test your skills and your Dia de los Muertos knowledge by taking this quiz!

Flashcards, Memory, Concentration, Word Search

Practice your Dia de los Muertos vocabulary with Flashcards, Memory, Concentration and Word Search.

Rags to Riches game

Test your skills and see how much you remember from your readings about El Dia de los Muertos while earning money in Rags to Riches.


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